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Lymphatic Body Brush

Lymphatic Body Brush

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Feel the effect of a sustainably clear skin through traditional craftsmanship!

ILUMAA Lymphatic Body Brush improves skin structure for a revitalized skin feeling. With an ergonomic handle that makes even hard-to-reach areas easy to reach.

Little effort, big impact

Used on dry skin before bathing or showering, the brush provides new energy and stimulates the body's metabolism. For optimal results, first brush from your feet upwards towards your heart, then your arms and then the rest of your body in circular movements or with light pressure in targeted lines towards your heart.

Easy to use

Brush for three to five minutes to optimally revitalize the skin and activate the lymphatic system.

Key facts at a glance

  • vegan
  • biodegradable sisal fibre
  • ergonomic handle


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