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Lymphatic Detox Tea

Lymphatic Detox Tea

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Taste the power of inner relaxation and detoxification!

ILUMAA Lymphatic Detox Tea gently cleanses the body from the inside. The valuable recipe of buckwheat herb, sweet clover and horsetail has a variety of effects on the blood and lymph.

A tea that relaxes and cleanses the lymph

Buckwheat herb strengthens the vascular walls and promotes microcirculation in the blood vessels. Sweet clover helps to dissolve lymph congestion and thus makes your legs feel light. Horsetail has an anti-inflammatory effect. Mint and bedstraw enhance this effect and also brighten the mood with their pleasant aroma.

Easy to use

For optimal effect, let the tea brew for up to ten minutes. Enjoy the feeling of harmony, inner cleansing and new balance.

Key facts at a glance

A valuable recipe made from buckwheat herb, sweet clover and horsetail for internal cleansing, relaxation and detoxification.

Content: 70g


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